CCTV Systems

  • Why work with GPM London?
    The benefits
    • Choose from CCTV systems that are remotely controlled by an end user or by a monitoring centre.
    • Integrate your CCTV system with your access control system and your alarm system to create a complete security package.
    • Integrate your camera into your communal aerial system and see who’s at the front door no matter what room you’re in. Or connect your camera to your entry gate so it will open the gate for selected number plates only.
  • We also offer
    • Anti-vandal, covert, PTZ mini dome, and ANPR cameras
    • Infrared modules for dark locations
    • Built-in heaters and wipers for inclement weather
    • DVR recorders linked to your smartphone for viewing on the go2-way talk back
    • Wireless transmission
    • Lockable enclosure
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