Access Control Systems

  • Access control systems have become more popular in recent years, but they’ve also become more complex. Therefore, we design our systems so that they’re user-friendly yet unmatched when it comes to the level of security they can provide.

    Use our access control systems to prevent intruders and to allow only authorised personnel and visitors within specified areas of your home or business.

    At GPM London, you not only get a fully designed access control system, you also get an efficient installation, repairs under warranty, and service that’s friendly and professional. We can even upgrade an existing system, utilising as much of the equipment that’s already in place as possible in order to keep costs down and transfer those savings onto our clients.

  • Installation

    From photo ID cards that double as access cards, to a single keypad or a suited key system, we can install the access control system you prefer. And even after installation is complete, we’ll provide you with ongoing support as you learn how to use it to maintain your security.

  • Continuous Service

    Your access control system needs to be running smoothly in order to keep you safe, and we know how expensive it can be to repair one when it fails. Therefore, we offer service contracts that will provide maintenance for your access control system and keep it in top working condition.

  • Repairs

    In addition to providing repairs on our own systems, we can repair systems that have been fitted by other contractors. We can then take them over and give you with a more reliable access control system.

  • Customisation

    We can integrate access control systems into everything from lifts and gates to turnstiles and barriers. And we also manufacture custom security screens and doors with a comprehensive range of security locks.

  • Call us today if you’re interested in installing the best access control system for your property.

    The GPM London Way
    • Audio, video, and digital systems
    • Wired and wireless systems
    • Computer-based systems
    • Vandal-resistant door panels and handsets
    • Code, card, retinal scan, and fingerprint access systems or combinations
    • Standalone systems
    • GSM Door Entry System (Using your phone line or SIM card)
    • Coded keypad systems
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