Advanced Content Blocks

  • Here’s an example of a callout block! You can use it to house wonderful messages of praise you’ve received from clients and partners. Either create a new callout, or use an existing one from our testimonials manager.

    Joe BloggsOnwerAcme Co
  • Countdown Timers

    If you have an upcoming event or offer, why not use a countdown timer to prompt action and engagement?

  • Pros/Cons

    Separate yourself from the competition with our pros/cons advanced content block.

    Why we're great
    • Some great thing you do
    • Another awesome reason to work with you
    • You get the idea, keep selling yourself!
  • Forms

    Yes, even pulling through custom forms in between your content is a breeze with Sites Done Right!

  • Repeaters
    • g_content_rows-repeater_items_title
      Add 1,2 or as many items as you'd like

      Each repeater item follows a consistent format made up of a title, media (image or icon), text and support for a button.

    • g_content_rows-repeater_items_title
      Choose your output type

      Out of the box, you can transform how you data appears. With many new types on the way, we currently support, tabs (vertical and horizontal), accordions, grids and sliders.