Content Blocks in Sites Done Right

If you are working on a blog post, a page or a landing page, you'll have access to a suite of content block types to really help build engaging pages that will drum up more business and you make shine on the web.

  • Add a general content block

    Our general content block is a great all-encompassing block type to cover most business needs. You can add an image, a gallery/slider of images an icon or rich media.

  • With an image on the left ...

    With an image on the left ...

    It’s as simple as choosing your media position (you can change this at any time).

  • ... or on the right

    ... or on the right

    All spacing and positioning is taken care of dynamically, so you can focus on creating your web content!

  • Or a video

    In fact you can add any type of content that is supported by Oembed (currently 40+ service) including Vimeo, Youtube, SoundCloud, Meetup, Kickstarter and many more!

  • Showcasing a form on a page